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Website Development

Project Summary

Khalil Pizza & Grill delivers the best halal fried chicken and burgers in the Bronx. We have a halal local farm certified by the Halal Food Council, USA. It produces all our necessary meat.

The Impact

This futuristic website compels utmost customer involvement. Since its launch, it has vastly expanded its customer base and fortified its position. Now, Khalil Pizza & Grill claims the top spot among the best restaurants in NY with massive revenues.

Web Development

Our Approach

Khalil Pizza & Grill has a user-friendly website right up to your tastes. Here, we celebrate our stunning culinary services, brand color, and online excellence. This navigation-friendly website is outright an eCommerce champion and is accessible to all.

Crisp dish images and heartwarming brand color instantly enhance the browsing experience of customers. They remain curious throughout the surfing. Our CMS Web Commander unleashes cutting-edge features for web design.

Search Resultrs

Innovative Delivery Approach

Elite web designers in New York used advanced delivery features for the Khalil Pizza & Grill website. So, they can reach out to the maximum radius for online order delivery. 

Besides, Khalil Pizza & Grill exercises full control over their delivery locations. In short, they can select certain delivery areas by tapping into these advanced shipping features.

Interestingly, customers can choose between store pickup and home delivery. In either choice, they can opt for a suitable delivery date as well.

Groundbreaking features have contributed to an enormous increase in online orders. Moreover, the customers and the business owner both speak of their satisfaction with these fresh and improved online experiences.

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