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How to Think of a Business Name for Your Company

Usually, a thriving company has the best business name. The brand name can push or crush your commercial venture. So, how to think of a business name?

— Customers favor a name that communicates your entrepreneurial concepts. It helps with your marketing and branding effort as well. Luckily, our experts guide you to a catchy business name in a minute. Consider Nexwebit strategies while picking a business name.

How to pick a business name?

First, genuine brand names escape legal implications in the long run. You must register your business name and it must not already be in use. However, unless trademarked, multiple entities can use a single name. Still, an innovative company name gently gets you off the hook.

Here go the proven tactics on how to think of a company name —

— Slightly misspelled names are gaining traction such as Grindr and Tumblr.

— An acronym relieves your pressure. For instance, BMW stands for Bavarian Motor Works.

— You may play with the words too. For instance, Kiddily sells children’s clothing and toys.

— Keyword-based names are great for online ventures. Securiteam deals with business security systems.

— Why do you not put your name out there? It could be as simple as that. Your name outright substitutes all other options. Unfortunately, an individual name does not carry any business message to customers. So, better avoid it unless you are a brand in yourself like Oprah Winfrey.

How to pick a company name?

One trick is to unleash an appealing brand name. It momentarily grabs attention while delivering the core concept of your business model. Potential customers and clients feel attached to it because of its memorability.

TechTack is a web development & digital media entity.

Nutration is a health & wellness company.

Shipplier is a shipping & logistics brand.

Meanwhile, logo design, identity design, and brand marketing become easier. A long business name hogs the photography and logo space. Thus it ruins the brand message.

Besides, these appealing names will stick in your head after finishing how to think of a business name.

These days, First Great Western might not cut the deal.

So, captivating brand names really do wonders.

Crowdsourced brand name

In an age of social media, this is rather a mainstream practice for many entrepreneurs. This is a fine way of choosing a company name.

Participation incentives soon overwhelm you with genuine business names. Here comes the role of insightful evaluation. Once these two factors collaborate, you have the best brand name.

A naming contest offers multiple benefits. Hence, you get the choicest brand name. Then, your word spreads out before even the business initiation. Besides, this could be the cheapest naming strategy out there.

Harness their thinking power to your advantage. 

Advanced tips — your future products, offers, and promotions could use crowdsourced labels as well.

Simple, short, & sweet business name

Simplicity is the key to charming your customers.

People prefer easy and clear brand names. Spelling and typing hiccups could repulse them in a second.

That’s why pick a one-word or two-word name while choosing a business name. So, people can remember and type it. Therefore, your online discoverability skyrockets. 

For instance: PayPal is an easy one. The elementary punchline adequately conveys their business message. Simultaneously, clients can remember and type this uncomplicated name.

Note: Innovative yet difficult or lengthy business names stand no chance in terms of brand identity. 

Also, check out the translation in several prominent languages if you are trying a new word. Your brand would look bad in case the word denotes a slang or crude word in German or Italian.

Avoid matching ones & pick scalable business names

Are you thinking of a business name? 

Naive business people often copy their competitors’ names and business models. This tendency leads to a strikingly similar name to an established brand. 

A duplicate business name never pays off.

First, why should customers choose you instead of a reputed brand? 

Instinctively, they take you for the old one. Therefore, they never prefer you. Your lack of originality dismisses their enthusiasm for your business. Besides, your brand image takes a massive dent.

— Moreover, repeat clients forget your business name and go to the popular brand. They confuse your existence. Thus you lose a significant revenue margin.

Innovative businesses should consider future expansions too. Scalability must be high on your agenda. For instance, you run a ride-sharing company but it can possibly mushroom out into carrier transport as well. 

In addition, you could stretch out company operations from local to national levels.

These probabilities urge you to select a scalable brand name. How to find a good name for a business is crucial.


A wrong business name could land you legal trouble. A creative company name immediately connects the target audience. But review the name prior hand for URL and trademark availability. In the future, this simple review removes multiple hassles.

— Initially, a good business name thrusts open new horizons. However, their first impression should not get you carried away. You have to fulfill immense customer expectations for business success.

Now you know how to make a good business name. So, make sure you are happy with it. Besides, it must resonate with your customers.

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