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Manhattan Headshot is a New York-based photography agency. Their specialty lies in the maximum use of images. Here, elegant adjustment between content with the pictures was the main challenge. This is a product of Nexus Promotional Management LLC. They asked for a simple yet stylish website. To maintain its lightweight status, the development phase saw minimum coding.

Languages we used:

We used PHP for the basic structure. Then, JavaScript code dealt with some special functionalities. 

What’s on our mind:

For the Manhattan Headshot website, branding was the top concern. Besides, a premium combination of black and white is dovetailed into its evergreen appearance. The particularly eye-catching footer contains contact information. 

Features of this site:

A compelling website, Manhattan Headshot involves outright user-friendly features. Transparent and crisp price list, model gallery, headshot gallery really take your heart. Finally, the booking form accelerates the customer appointment process.

The outcome:

We have strategically engaged UI/UX designers, content writers, developers, and marketing teams in the deal. So, the website stands out among the crowd. Thanks to the designer team, they have outlined a remarkable price list. 

Besides, our marketing team has decorated the blog section in a search-engine-friendly way. They have flawlessly baked the typography into the blog section.

The customer is delighted with the Manhattan Headshot project. Notably, our IT squad is still grooming the website.

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