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Best Approaches for Small Business Website Design

Only about 33% of store owners use websites to find local businesses. The new business opportunity is too big to ignore. Nexwebit does the best small business website design in NY. Besides, we develop user-friendly software apps, manufacturing, food, and fashion business websites.

Why do I need small business website design?

Regardless of your small business type, you need a brilliant website. Nexwebit develops engaging online stores using its hundreds of website-building experiences. So, you can build a new website or revamp the current one for better performance. Our seasoned website designers hand you an industry-leading online presence.

Choose a good domain name

Over 367.3 million domain names have been registered till 2021. Only a few of them do great business.

The domain name is the website address. Therefore, it demands keyword and impressionistic value. Nexwebit comes up with excellent business domain names. 

A short name with easy spelling brings you an online reputation. This trick is helpful for search engine optimization too.

Selecting a good domain name requires in-depth analysis. A scalable name allows your future business expansion. Also, memorable business names capture your customer’s hearts.

Lastly, small businesses must try to accommodate the business location in the domain name. For instance, better grabs local clients than just

Supportive & flexible website hosting

Visitors start coming to your website once the domain name connects to a hosting location. Hosting services costs vary from $4 to hundreds of dollars.

Your needs can fit into the shared servers, dedicated servers, and virtual private servers. You must thoroughly examine their security apparatus beforehand. Moreover, user-friendly cPanel and phone/chat privilege take you far ahead.

In 2019, shared web hosting claimed 37.64% of the market cap.

Nexwebit prefers Bluehost hosting company for its affordable prices and premium hosting advantages.

Clear “About Us” page

Typically, your audience gets a clear idea of your business from this page. You must explain what you do in plain language. So, the visitor has no confusion whatsoever. Make this page easily accessible from all pages.

Homepage content is crucial in this regard. Put together an eye-catching hero banner and display it in a prominent location. The banner should contain all primary services and resources. 

Select the top content management system

WordPress claims around 40% of CMS’s market share. This number tells you a lot about picking the best CMS. WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS.

Apart from WordPress, you can resort to Drupal, Joomla, Squarespace, or Wix as well.

Anyway, vast and active community support defines WordPress. Tons of free plugins accelerate your web functionality. WordPress is free and offers easy installation. Almost all website developers know it. Nexwebit prefers WordPress for small businesses because of its scalability.

Compelling website interface

A spotless website interface is critical for a small business. A good impression on the visitors brings you good deals. Nexwebit has diverse website interface strategies to drive results.

We use stunning graphics together with readable fonts. Besides, competitor websites give us vital clues to the trendy website designs and optimization. Our veteran designers know from experience the popular styles work for you too. 

Moreover, we develop fast-loading small business websites to score high in search engine ranking. This quality also pleases your customers.

We analyze your core audience regarding age, location, gender, profession, and hobbies. Then, we throw them irresistible personalized offers.

Your brand identity tops our concerns in making an engaging website.

Rest assured our intuitive website designs, content, and navigation get you magic outcomes.

Unleash the best eCommerce platform

Retail eCommerce sales stood at about $5 trillion worldwide.

Online selling of goods and services requires a suitable eCommerce platform. It can make your website an online store.

Well, you have WooCommerce and Shopify to figure out this crucial decision.

In addition, you may choose from the less popular ones, including Shopify Plus, Business Squarespace, Wix, and GoDaddy Online Store.

However, WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce vendor, with Shopify closely trailing by. 

Theme selection is a vital factor for your small business. Nexwebit recommends the best premium theme for any of these eCommerce platforms. Anyway, you have to pay a little. But the advantages far outweigh this tiny drawback.

SEO for small business

68% of online experiences begin with a search engine!

So, SEO matters regardless of your niche. 

Nexwebit puts your website at tiptop condition, ready to climb the SERP ranking. Our outstanding website design and content boost your online venture.

Optimum website code, keyword-driven content, and mobile-friendly site gather pace for your campaigns and promotions. We arrange high-quality backlinks and generate leads.

Typically, SEO determines whether your business website makes it to the top or loses sight of the raging competition altogether.


The top small business website design boosts your online venture. Besides, this journey delivers a rewarding experience. Websites exert a massive impact on the success of small businesses. 

Nonetheless, our beginner-friendly website could give you a great headstart. Also, Nexwebit walks you through all the processes.

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