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What Are the top Ecommerce Platforms in 2021?

The best Ecommerce platforms are mentioned below.

Shopify :


Shopify actually refers to a hosted Ecommerce platform meaning that you never need to sort out hosting cost or the technical concerns. This is an immaculate choice for drop shipping as well as small stores who are tremendously dependent on social media marketing.

Starters hugely enjoy simple-to-operate Shopify platform. Its easy store build up mechanism, intuitive dashboard element dropping options bring you a flying start. A few hours is all it takes to finish up the store setup. A small business owner who is willing to perform daily operations and optimizations will find a superb outlet in Shopify.



This platform allows powerful tools for store customization and your website will probably resemble no other competing stores. Your applied skill is going to determine the limits to what you can accomplish here. This self-hosted Ecommerce platform has always been the ultimate choice for the reputed brands.

SEO outputs are superb in Magento. You must go along with Shopify if you have a limited number of products or associated skills. Very few beginners can sail into a Magento store with proper knowledge of working issues. However, you will get to understand the things with a bit of effort.

Magento vs Shopify – Which is the right platform for you?

Ecommerce store owners experience a real dilemma in terms of picking between Shopify and Magento platforms. There happens to be ever widening areas of argument on which one to choose for the practical benefit of your online business. Both of these platforms enjoy sky high popularity among users. Shopify offers you a simple way forward to building an effective online store for beginners and experienced owners alike. However, it will charge you a minimum monthly sum for this service.

On the other hand, Magento brings you an open source Ecommerce privilege similar to that of WordPress. Most importantly, it completely runs for free. You will have powerful tools but it requires a certain level of strong coding skills which is really tough for an average entrepreneur. Your vision and skills will fix the decision about which one suits your store. Our comparative analysis of these platforms will take features, value and ease of use into account. We are going to reach a conclusion based on those criteria. So, you can prudently make your own judgment in this respect. First off, we have hands on experience regarding both platforms.

However, our elaborate research includes mass opinion from the real users as well. Their feedback and our knowledge has simultaneously cleared up the air as we have come to a solution relying on genuine strengths, defects of Shopify and Magento. You are going to have pragmatic benefits from this analysis.

User Experience:

Public opinion goes in favor of Shopify in terms of user experience. Especially, non-developers tend to set their eyes straight on Shopify avoiding Magento. It takes little time to set up the store after signing up. Shopify brings you a bunch of highly precise website management tools for instant store customization.

However, Magento offers ready made extensions which gives you a lot of operational freedom. It does not essentially call for coding skills for simple solutions as they already exist.

If Magento 1 add-ons do not suffice your requirements, you can have Magento 2 to excel your user experience. The latest version covers the issues that Magento 1 brought along.

Magento 2 introduces an admin panel which is genuinely user friendly. Even new users can rapidly learn these tricks. It gives you easy time for an admin aiming to process advanced accessing reports, sorting customers product marketing, managing payment processors and so on. Advanced development skills are not mandatory for the accomplishment of behind the scenes issues of the store.

You can boost up your daily scheduled tasks as it costs less time to do the jobs. This is a boon for the startups who are barely capable of competing against the tide of time in managing their obligatory jobs. Magento platform efficiently catches up with the screen size variations allowing the store owners spare time to run the Ecommerce stores in a more fruitful manner.

Is Shopify the best ecommerce platform?

Market data shows us that Shopify is the top performing platform as of this day. More than 800,000 businesses are powered with Shopify which is indicated in our elaborate research.

It is the ultimate choice for the online store owners outmaneuvering all the other competitor platforms. Not to forget, it is not suitable for one and all.

As a result, our analysis has taken into account Shopify design, premium features, prices, marketing tools and many other relevant aspects to determine its compatibility with your requirements.

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